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Factors that can cause the Messages app to crash or get frozen on your updates, an iOS exploit like when someone sent you a text message.

100 DOORS 2013 - 47

Level 22 — This is pretty tricky, no real solution yet — just keep turning the discs! Level 24 — change each knobs number to the amount of connection it has.

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Level 25 — Click the button till it says 06 then click once more and hold till all reds become green. Level 26 — Twist the circles so they match the pattern on the door. Do top right column first, then middle and bottom left column, then middle right column, then bottom left column again, then top right column again, then bottom right column, finally the top left column. Level 27 — Pick up the torch.

Light it. Turn the knobs so they form points that face to each other i. Level 29 —. Level 30 — Pick up winder from behind pot, put it in hole then keep winding really fast. Level 31 — Put fingers on white bits then slowly open the door by tilting phone backwards. Level 33 — Click the colours in this order: Level 34 — Its in the door — look at it from an obtuse angle in dark area Level 35 — Make a mirror image. Before the smoke reaches to the top, look at how many turns you need to do.

The thing sound wave on the floor is a clue I think but not sure what. I think you have to click as soon as all the bars drop above the door. Level 37 — Objective is to get four blocks in to the middle tower to meet the arrows. Move blocks to shortest tower 3, 0, 5. Then from the shortest to middle 0, 3, 5 , then once again move remaining from the tallest tower to the shortest tower 3, 3, 2. Now move from the shortest to the middle 1, 5, 2.

Then move from the middle to the tallest 1, 0, 7.

How do you get passed level 39 on the doors app

Move from the shortest tower to the middle 0, 1, 5. Move from tallest to shortest 3, 1, 4. Finally move shortest to middle 0, 4, 2.

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  4. Level 39 — Click in the following order: L evel 40 — Flip your phone then copy down the order of colours shown.. Level 41 — Pick up the wheel, select it and place above the door on the black panel. Then slide it, its difficult to tell but under it are the numbers: Enter in to keypad.

    Bigger plates cant go on smaller plates. Its a pretty simple game, a bit of trial and error involved. Level 44 — Look above the door, the 4 shapes signify the number. For e. Level 45 — Hold the light till the room gets dark, click the door when you see it. Level 46 — Hit the bell in the pattern of the door, just tilt your phone.

    Level 47 — You can only input the code when you have all 3 balls. If its too difficult, ask a 10 year old to do it. Level 48 — If it was a compass, press in this order: How to beat level 31 on the game mooo? Add Your Answer How to beat level 24 on doors windows phone game? How to beat level 49 in game doors for windows phone?

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    Doors – Windows Phone

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    Dooors Level 18 Solution, Answer, Game Guides And Walkthrough

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    8. Leader Board What's this? Leading Today Pts Helpful 1. Yes Cacheage: Visitors to this page also searched for: Community Experts online right now. Ask for FREE. Top Solutions It seems that you are playing a game called doors for windows phone. Comment Reply Report. Yes No Someone said: Waqar has. Peace Alf. Ernest W. Share to: How do you pass level 24 on door? Well,it's quite simple you light the two stick things then you move hands slowly to your pants cause this one uses the camera then you pull your dick out show a close boy frie … nd and tell him your gay and obsessed with dick.

      This is actually true. How do you pass level 37 on doors? How do you complete level 39 on doors? Press the buttons from largest to smallest so thus red green yellow and blue. How do you get passed level 50 on doors? Cover 50 of the dots. How do you pass level 43 on doors? How do you unlock level 39 on doors? How do you pass level 41 on doors? All you have to do is just shake your phone until all the red dots on top of the door turn green.