There is a real need for good proxy based browsers on low end phones and the in developing world where resource constraints, high data costs and the lack of 3G limit the browsing experience. In my experience, the browsing with Opera Mini on a feature phone actually rivals that that of any smartphone.

The only thing holding back mass adoption of mobile browsing is the cost of data. Hopefully network operators will make lower cost data bundles available to users of basic phones with highly efficient browsers like this Opera Mini or the Ovi Browser.

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Pliz nokia should kindly support the unlisted products like mine nokia becoz we shouldnt discard them, for amomment pliz email me for ovi store gamming too coz i hav an account with nokia and i hav followed the you tube video but the steps are not there or expired if u visit store. I wish nokia helps and supports the unsupported product of mine nokia becoz we shouldnt discard them… Pliz help on ovi store gamming 2coz the utube video iz nt working… Thank u for having your time 2read and follow up.

I require ovi browser to my Nokia mobile. My mobile is Nokia c- Rm XpressMusic. Please verify your coverage. Actually it only officially works with the small subset of S40 devices listed at http: However, based on the fact that an early version worked for me on Microemulator, it may possibly also work on some unsupported devices.

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Thanks for your advice, Dennis…!! Now, the jar file you gave is working perfectly in my phone.. Thanks Dennis..

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I am usnig Nokia Classic which actually supports Ovi Browser.. But its not working in my phone.. Why is it so??

OkezieWAP : Download | Nokia Xpress Browser

Only the opening page of Ovi Browser is coming and it keeps on loading for a long time,nothing else is coming… Can you tell the reason behind it and a solution for it please?? It sounds like a connection issue. The JAR file link is in the post above. The app checks the device ID and with give an error and exit if you try to run it on an unsupported device.

UC Browser jar for Nokia 5800

Not sure what this has to do with Ovi but the latest Opera Mini is 5. Get it from: Thanks for the info. Thank you for the heads-up. To compare it in practical life to Opera Mini.

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Alas …. Thanks Dennis. I would like to run OVI browser on my E Got the download of the signed. The expected prompt came up: Got the file: To run Microemulator on a Windows PC, unzip it into a directory.

Nokia Ovi Browser rebranded to Xpress Browser for Nokia Asha/S40 Phones

Copy OviBrowserBeta. Nokia Nearby will help you find interesting places that are around you, using the same POI points of interest database that you can expect to find on a Nokia Lumia , or the maps. Even though your Nokia Asha smartphone may not have a GPS receiver, Nokia Nearby is still able to find your location using either Wi-Fi positioning or cell-site information from the operators. Nokia believes that you should have a fun, rich experience, no matter what device you have.

Using Nokia Nearby gives you access to a wealth of new and exciting experiences.

How to download opera mini WhatsApp, in Nokia 220

Finding new places is easy, as the rating system and reviews section in any venue let you know what to expect from a venue. The integration of Nokia Nearby into your phone makes calling a restaurant for a reservation as day as pressing the call button from within the app. Skip to Content Skip to Footer. There are currently thousands of 3rd party web apps available, which include: