One thing to notice with the unofficial releases was that there was quite a few murmurs of app incompatibility and those who dared flash their phone with the unofficial release were even very happy with Belle. While blog surfing today and reading comments around concerning the update, you would readily feel a general satisfaction among N8 users.

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Albeit being late, the change was indeed welcome. For the complete list you may also click here. Nokia and many of its users are very excited about this update finally and the announcement of possible apps non-compatibility will surely dampen those excitement for those who have been waiting for quite sometime. Crusade of Destiny: Crusade of Destiny is a 3.

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It contains an engaging medieval storyline with characters that you have to gradually train and upgrade all throughout the game. With your magical powers and special skills you will surely enjoy this full scale RPG game. Already available for nearly all the other platforms of Symbian, CSI Miami brings the same classic characters including Horatio, Calleigh among others. It can help you better understand what is required in getting a first rate installation from an installer for a home security or a video surveillance system.

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Also includes comparisons to the XBox. Interrogate, flatter, follow all the suspects to find out the truth, and, with the help of your high tech lab gadgets you are sure to succeed. This game is compatible with Series 6. Draw Slasher: Pirate Zombie Monkies, need I say more? This crazy monkey slashing madness of a game plays out on a lonesome and quiet island where you, the lone ninja lives. Now it is up to you to stop this madness. Slash your way all the way through herds of monkey zombies! Dungeon Hunter 2 HD: One of most acclaimed RPG based mobile game of recent years most you know do not need an introduction to Dungeon Hunter 2.

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It is an astounding game all over and is worth the time! Eternal Legacy HD: Another legendary 3. With truly beautiful graphics and a thrilling storyline, this sci- fi and fantasy combo allows you to roam in a free world without boundaries. Overtime you will earn points and skills that will help you master combo moves and special perks. Fighter Pilot: Fighter Pilot for Nokia Symbian is an arcade style, side scrolling action game.

Inspired from the Pacific War missions, you get to enjoy 1. US Marines can properly push through the enemies stronghold with your dive bombers the only means to protect them.

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Galaxy on Fire: The benchmark 3. D action space shooter offers some of the most jaw dropping graphics you can ever experience on smartphones. There are over 1. You can compete in tournaments, go out for driving tests and choose from over 1. Motor Academy provides a complete racing experience that only a very few can offer. The Impossible Game: The only thing you have to do or can do is tap on the screen at the right time so that an orange square can topple over a series of obstacles. It is impossibly addictive ,so beware!

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