I still use MilkSync with Outlook to capture tasks from my email, and I also love that they have maintained Siri capture support. With the combo of using Launchy on my Windows laptop for work, this means that I have quick capture that is as fast as paper and pen, no matter what I'm doing. I think this is the area where most task managers fail, but RTM just shines.

My wish list for improvements would include rich text notes support when transferring tasks to and from Outlook, and honestly to include some of the cool graphic customization options available on the web app. Thanks Bob!! App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad Apple Watch. Description Remember The Milk is the smart to-do app for busy people. Updated for iOS Updated for watchOS 5.

Added support for the Siri watch face on watchOS 5. Added support for Apple Watch Series 4 devices, and complications on those devices. An issue where some files would not show up in the Google Drive picker. An issue where tag favorites would not sync sorting order reliably in some cases. An issue where the final character of a task name would be dropped in some rare instances while renaming a task. An issue where the 'after 1 month on the last day' repeat format didn't work properly in German. All localizations. An issue attaching files on IOS An issue with repeat parsing in Portuguese.

Made the Google Drive file picker a little nicer. We've updated our privacy policy and terms of use. Visit https: Attach files to your tasks! Now you can keep documents, spreadsheets, files, and photos alongside the relevant tasks. You can also attach existing files from your Dropbox or Google Drive account to your tasks.

Attachments are available exclusively with a Remember The Milk Pro subscription. An issue with notes not displaying properly on the task details view. An issue where drag and drop ordering in the iOS app would not sync up properly to the web app in some cases. An issue where drag and drop ordering in the watchOS app would not be reflected until the app was reloaded in some cases.

An issue where the task details view would not reflect changes from other apps in some cases. An issue where the "This Week" view would show outdated data in some cases. An issue where notes were shown with blue text in the task details view in some cases. An issue where 'after' repeating tasks would sometimes be duplicated if the same instance of the task was completed in the IOS app and the web app.

An issue where the app would crash when making changes to tasks in a task list where those changes remove the tasks from the view in some cases. An issue where the 'noteContains' operator would return incorrect results in some cases. A whole bunch of performance improvements. Localizations for all languages. An issue with time estimates in search, Smart Lists and Smart Add in some cases. An issue where the Today widget would crash on iPhone X.

We've made a bunch of improvements to how the app works on iPhone X. An issue with drag and drop of text on iPad in some cases. An issue with time estimate parsing in languages other than English in some cases. An issue with the 'sharedWith' search operator. An issue where some images were missing in the Today, Siri and Share extensions in some cases. We've improved the set up process on Apple Watch for users with a large number of completed tasks.

Fixed an issue with app installation on iOS Visit http: Try It. See All Google Tasks Integrations. Select a Trigger. Select an Action.

Let’s Compare the Best To-Do Apps

New Completed Task Triggers when a task is completed in a specific task list. Create Task List Creates a new task list. New Task Triggers when a new task is added. Create Task Creates a new task. New Task List Triggers when a new task list is created. Update Task Update an existing task.

Today, tomorrow, upcoming, and someday.

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Are you procrastinating? Try these strategies and apps to change habits, get things done, and reduce stress. Have your tried these excellent new tools yet? Read More , Any. Todoist was a favorite to-do app of mine for a long time, and this feature was one of the reasons why.

With Todoist, you can indent subprojects to group them under master projects , or you can label tasks. This means that not only can you create subprojects. The one flaw that places it below Remember The Milk is that unlike the tagging approach, this indenting approach is manual and time-consuming. However, Todoist does let you label tasks, which puts it on the same level as Remember The Milk as far as sublist organization.

Remember The Milk: Online to-do list and task management

While I said Google Tasks is a joke as a to-do app, it does at least allow you to indent subtasks underneath primary tasks. However, Google Tasks does not have a feature to place sublists underneath individual projects. As you can see there are a few to-do apps that offer this feature, but those that do are manual and difficult to manage. Wrike does it best, literally giving you the ability to put projects inside folders.

One of the main reasons I switched to Remember The Milk was because of how well it handles scheduling and due dates. This is a critical part of zen-like time management.

Remember The Milk for Android

You need a start date. Not only can you set up complex patterns daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, but you can even set up the task to recur again the moment you complete it. As simple and lacking in most features as it is, Microsoft at least got the recurring tasks right. In Microsoft To-Do, you can set up tasks to recur every day, or several times a week, month, or year. There is no option to recur only when a task is completed.

As with most features, Wrike provides a little more flexibility than most of the other todo apps. Not only does it offer the standard daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly recurrence, but it also lets you stop the recurrence after a certain number of triggers, and you can delay the start date of the first recurrence. Even though the project organization of Any.

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Like Wrike, it does have the option to stop recurring after a set number of triggers, or after a specific date. Again, there is no option to recur immediately upon completing. Are you using it to its full potential? Get the most out of Todoist and review the features you may have missed. Read More for a number of years, and one of the reasons was its intelligent use of plain English commands to create recurring tasks. It understands many different variations of scheduling.

I had difficulty trying to stump it. You can not create recurring tasks at all in Google Tasks , which seems silly. Let's talk about poor design choices and functional failings of Google products. The number one feature for me when using any to-do app is the ability to see my day or my week at a quick glance and understand what the top priorities are. Some to-do apps do this beautifully.

Others struggle terribly. Remember the Milk gives you a number of views that help you get a quick overview of your week or your day. This makes it so much easier to shift tasks around so that your week workload is better balanced. The Microsoft To-Do dashboard is non-existent. Wrike uses an interesting approach to dashboarding tasks.

It groups tasks by today , this week , next week , and later. This means tasks have assignees. But online collaboration with clients and teams can quickly become complicated and stressful. We show you free tools to build a reliable workflow. When I contacted Wrike customer support about this, they tried to say this was normal behavior. Since this bug caused me to miss tasks, this was the primary reason I eventually moved on from Wrike permanently.

As mentioned earlier in this article, AnyDo uses a Kanban type system where cards can be shifted around between projects and between due dates. So, you can easily shift a task from today to tomorrow by dragging the task card over to tomorrow. This is one area that Todoist gets bonus points.

Android apps: Remember the Milk

Todoist offers the ability to view tasks by Today and Next 7 days. This makes organizing both daily work and weekly work very easy. No surprise, Google Tasks falls short in this area too.