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Factors that can cause the Messages app to crash or get frozen on your updates, an iOS exploit like when someone sent you a text message.

Clean S2Ep Yellow Submarine. In this episode, we discuss The Beatles animated movie Yellow Submarine. It may not be everyones taste but it is definitely different to most of the movies you'll see today. Show Notes: Pushed Over The Edge. Even if you're only a casual gamer, you've probably heard or maybe even played Fortnite. Heck, the podcast team here are often overwhelmed with the amount of attention the game gets in the media. However this story opens a much bigger question, when a.. Smartphone Etiquette. Smartphones are part of our everyday, often the first thing we look at when we wake up.

What are the social implications of this? Are we letting it get in the way of life? In this episode Ben and the team discuss common smartphone usage gripes, from Bethesda Dropping Fallout: New Vegas Developer. Yes, you heard right. Bethesda have said they are "Less likely" to use outside developers on their popular Fallout franchise.

This leaves well recieved Fallout: New Vegas developer, Obsidian somewhat in the dark. Find out more on the episode. Google Targeting Insecure Websites. Listen to find out what this means for the future of the web. The Incredibles 2 Spoiler-free Review. No spoilers here in our review of the very long awaited Pixar movie, The Incredibles 2 courtesy of our resident movie expert, Allan. Follow us and get in In this episode Allan reviews the latest must see drama movie Leave No Trace, Ben talks Exoskeletons and how it could enhance our biology for better or worse , and Martin gives an insight into the latest must play games.

Each week our presenters In this episode Martin shares the latest news on CDProjekt's title Cyberpunk , Allan reviews the freightening film Hereditary and, Ben discusses wether Social Media influencers could soon become a thing of the past. Each week our presenters review.. In this episode, Martin gives shares the highlights from Xbox at E3 , Allan tells us about 6 movies we should go see in his 3 minute roundup and, Ben opens the discussion as to what a Robo-Police future could look like! Clean S2 Bonus Controlling Movies With Your Mind.

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In this bonus episode we discuss how the future of movies could involve an ECG headset and a lot of brain power! Have you ever thought about controlling movies with your mind? Well us neither, until today. Are you for, or against this kind of Clean S2Ep9: On this episode, Allan reviews the latest Solo: Each week our presenters review the latest Clean S2 First Impressions: A Star Wars Story.

Allan and Elle are back to talk about the latest instalment in the Star Wars saga, Solo. Let us know if this movie was on your light or dark side on Twitter, Email or our Website. Avengers Infinity War Spoilercast.

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Be Warned! In this bonus episode, Allan, Ben, and Martin reveal all their thoughts on Marvel's latest blockbuster - Avengers: Infinity War. Let us know your favourite moments from the film on Twitter, Email or our Website. Clean S2Ep8: On this episode, Allan opens a conversation about the new Avengers: Call of Duty Removed Campaigns? News just broke that Call of Duty is stopping putting campaigns in their games so we had to talk about it!

Let us know your thoughts, will you miss them or did you never play it anyway, on Twitter, Email or our Website. In this bonus we discuss how gaming has developed, where it's at now and, what we think the future could hold. Let us know your thoughts on Twitter, Email or our Website! Each week our Clean S2Ep7: Each week our presenters review the latest tech, games and movie news In this bonus we ask if the recent trend in loot boxes being hard wired into video games is a good or bad thing First Impression: A Quiet Place.

Clean S2Ep6: On this episode, Ben shares the latest information on the Facebook privacy case now being discussed in congress, Allan shares his thoughts on the movie Annihilation, and Martin discusses the future of the Nintendo Switch.

In this edition of first impressions the team discuss their thoughts on Dwayne Johnson's latest summer blockbuster, Rampage. Amazon Go - The Future of Stores? This is a shop like no other, as it encourages customers to pocket goods and walk straight out. Crazy right? Ben's mission is simple, to buy lunch.

Clean S2Ep5: On this episode, we discuss whether social media should be banned for kids, our thoughts on the game Oxygen Not Included and, Allan reviews Gringo. Each week our presenters review the latest tech, games and movie news. Bringing you all the talk from Are Conferences Like E3 Dying?

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In this bonus we ask if major gaming conferences like E3 are slowly dying out. Let us know, your thoughts on Ready Player One. In this edition of first impressions Allan interviews exec producer; Chris Huskins on the latest blockbuster hit coming to screens, Ready Player One. Clean S2Ep4: On this episode, we discuss the recall of Amazon power banks that have been causing problems, how you can get free games with Twitch, plus a no-spoilers review of Marvel's Black Panther. Each week our presenters review the latest tech, games and movie..

This is a bonus feature from co-host Ben. In this episode Ben takes you through 5 apps he thinks you should try out for yourself! Helping with productivity, your next trip abroad or something for you wannabe designers out there. Clean S2Ep3: Bringing you This is a bonus feature from co-host Allan.

Each episode Allan will be sharing his unscripted, initial thoughts as he makes his journey back home from the cinema. In this episode he, discusses his thoughts on the newly released critically acclaimed This is just some bonus content that didn't make it onto the full episode. Bringing you all the latest talk from The Shape of Water.

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This is a brand new bonus feature from co-host Allan. In this episode he, along with special guest Elle, discuss their thoughts on Clean S2Ep2: Fifty Shades Freed. Bonus Games we're looking forward to in Clean S2Ep1: Clean 69 — Not happy with Netgear. The boys tackle the topic in this weeks episode. If you have a faulty netgear piece of equipment then listen in. Each week our presenters review the latest tech,. Clean 68 — One year of Pix3l. So as draws to a close and is set to begin, we are not only celebrating New Years but also a whole year of Pix3l podcast.

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Have a listen…. Clean 67 — PewDiePie deletes his channel youtubedrama. The youtube star PewDiePie has been quoted saying he will delete his channel… kinda. Dare we say it… youtubedrama. The boys talk about the way in which youtube seems to be listing existing content creators after new contributors and how some video. Clean 66 — Amazon Go: Automation in retail. The team talk about both the new technologies as well as discuss wha. The team talk about a man that might have done just that!

Each week our presenters review the latest tech, games and general geeky gadgets. Clean 64 — Pokemon Go… Away? Is the Pokemon Go craze over? Nintendo are trying a reboot with a festive update but will it get people out in the cold and rain to play again? Martin is back with Ben and they discuss the update and their thoughts. In this episode Ben is joined by Chris again as he tries to help Chris understand what this means and why it is so bad for the web!

Bringing you all the latest news,. Clean 61 — Netflix: Offline mode. Clean 60 — From iPhone to Google Pixel. It's fair to say that the majority of us have iPhones when it comes to smart phones, yes android will always be in the hand of the real geek but the slick functionality of apple's products has reigned for many years now. Clean 59 — Shoes with screens in…. Martin is off sick this week and so no one was there to hold him back.

Enjoy the informative ranty-ness of this week and look out for the quote about the NHS. Clean Update — No content today. Get better soon Martin! Clean 58 — Weird Tech 2 What to buy this Christmas. Wondering what to buy your loved ones this Christmas Weird Tech is back with Mark II. Clean 57 — Living room doubles as Driverless car. Imagine not having to leave your living room, and being taken to the shop to pick up your groceries. You wouldn't even have to take your slippers off.

Doesn't sound possible does it? The Pix3l boys have more Clean 56 — Uh-Oh Go-Pro! Go-Pro have had a Samsung moment and a recent camera drone they have produced has been seen in online videos plummeting from the sky. This has led to a product recall and so if you have a Go-Pro drone or are thinking of buying one,. Clean 55 — Samsung are getting rinsed. Samsung now have a run of exploding washing machines.

You can download the files saving either directly to a connected phone or transfer later in bulks. Fairly new app called "Itunes Podcast Player" is able to search and play podcasts directly from Itunes. Seems to work really well, at least for me. Many times they can make available the RSS feed, which many apps on Google Play can translate into a usable podcast. If they do not provide access this way, then unfortunately you are stuck unless someone engineers a way to access iTunes podcasts.

Another option is iSyncr. I've also added some specific podcast features like bookmark syncing, which work in combination with my other app, Rocket Player , so that you can listen to half a podcast on your computer and the other half while you are on the road. You can then paste the resulting URL into whatever podcast app you so choose and completely skip iTunes and any other "converter" apps.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to listen iTunes podcasts on Android Ask Question. How can I get all these podcasts in a playlist on my phone? I am on Mac-os-x Lion, I think. Phil Phil 1 1 4. Can't add a new answer.

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For something more current, try the AntennaPod app. Use this URL on your Android device to subscribe to the podcast there. Daniel Beck Daniel Beck 1 2. Google Play Music manager can synchronize with iTunes, including podcasts. I've faced the same problem and I found this software: