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Factors that can cause the Messages app to crash or get frozen on your updates, an iOS exploit like when someone sent you a text message.

I am in charge of my Aunties estate after my Uncle died and have PA. She keeps being contacted by people trying to sell her new windows. How can I find the numbers of the last company that phoned her? Can I find it on the invoice or, can you help me? I found the information on this page: The BT engineer has gone to another address with a similar sounding address and told the old lady that lives there that she is moving and changed her phone number to my mother-in-laws number….

Hello, Check out this article on BT website. Why do they not allow contact via e mail because trying to call them is like trying to call!!

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Unless of course you are a potential new customer I guess with e mail there is an audit trail which would make it too easy for the legions of customers who find themselves being messed around by a run company with systems to complain. Numerous attempts to speak to someone average times to get through being up on sent through to wrong departments etc etc.

I have been the same waisting hours hang on phobe for help mick hope u have better luck than me? BT cannot believe when say there sorting stuff given phone number Ed at connections Joke never there result my phone us cut off grrr disabled need phone health reasons! From BT and there no regard? The help line is covered by inept people not properly trained in customer services and based in India or Bangladesh they cannot even speak English, they are rude and i have moved away from BT services for good after being a customer for over 25 years and I am an INDIAN before you accuse me of racism.

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Not only do they put you on hold for ages, they talk over you, frustration is a very mild word one can use. I am a new customer trying to order a new infinity account with all the sport and HD. Am going to sleep on it but seriously considering paying more for Sky as they seem to want customers!

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Think about it. Again after few days my broadband speed started playing and messing around and I called BT customer service and they said if BT engineers comes and visit my place then I might have to pay for the engineers visit and when I asked them to check at list router then customer service people performed some test by their end and came to conclusion that router is perfectly working fine.

Now since I started with BT I hardly received 30 plus Mbps speed and I have done speed test numerous times and speed test results falls in between 1. Each time I talked to them I managed to get reference number out of which some were repeated one and these. Surprisingly no one called me and neither received courtesy message regarding call reschedule. I have specifically mentioned in the complaint email not to call me after I and my family had to cancel shopping and attend this call which was run for 57 minutes and customer service manager denied of any compensation which according to them they have got right to refuse and asked me to refer to terms and conditions on their website http: Dear OFGEM officers I tried to explained everything in a nutshell and after going through this note you will find according to their terms and conditions if customer is going for Infinity broadband then customer should get 35Mbps speed minimum and this is what customer service said and I have got video recordings of this statement given by advisor and also I have performed speed test numerous times and can provide video recordings of all those test and you will find speed never crossed 4Mbps.

Finally I have got 3 months left for my contract to finish and no doubt they have sent finally replacement router to me 3 days back which I have informed to BT unless my compensation request get approved I will not replace old router with new one.

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Oh you can print my email address if you can find it after you have made me change my password 3 times and still will not let me into my email. BT have not taken my complaint seriously at all.

Signed up for infinity 4. Having given BT 10 days notice that are move had been delayed by 2 weeks so we did not want our phone and broadband changed till that date. Spoke to James very nice all ok haha!! The day before we were originally going to move I receive a text saying not to forget they were transferring our service from one address to another tomorrow 18th May.

Suggested Read: Now even after using the corded phone, you are still not able to connect or make any call from the main socket, then you do need to give your phone wiring a quick check:. Now if you are able to dial out and connect via the test socket, it means the real problem is associated with the internal wiring. This problem can be fixed by yourself or you can always contact your phone maintenance company, though they will charge you for the fixing service job, in case if your phone is not covered under any warranty period.

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And if you are not able to dial out and connect via the test socket, then the real fault is likely to be associated with the phone line itself. Or you can also visit the BT Repair Centre page at the official BT website where you will be able to know how to identify or report or fix as well as track your entire connection faults, online. For further information just visit the official BT website http: Contact Telephone Numbers. For terms and conditions, visit our terms and conditions page or alternatively the privacy policy and refund policy page.

You can also report faults on other people's phone lines, faults with payphones, and track faults that you've already told us about. Report or track a fault. We can set you up with free call diversion so you'll still get calls even if your phone line is out of action.

How To Fix BT Phone Line Fault ? – BT Phone Line Dead With No Dial Tone

Call Diversion lets you divert your calls to almost any phone you want, including your mobile. We can also set a recorded message that tells callers that there's a fault on your line.

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You'll need to tell us to activate either of these while we fix your line. Find out more on our help pages. Track your orders and report faults.